WBAF - FDI Scheme: World-Class Investment

As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum aims to empower the world economy by connecting startup economies with the main players of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to pave the way for world-class investments by engaging economic development boards, regional development agencies, investment promotion agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, business councils, government ministries, and economic development departments of municipalities, which will contribute to the creation of jobs, social justice and wealth for local economies.

Global Foreign Direct Investment Stage (GFDI)
WBAF holds that, with the participation of individuals in multiple sectors and from all parts of society, real progress can be achieved. One way WBAF encourages cooperation at both individual and institutional levels is to promote and support engagement with the global FDI ecosystem. The mechanism is WBAF’s Global Foreign Direct Investment Stage (FDI Stage), to be held annually at the World Congress of Angel Investors – hosted by the World Business Angels investment Forum.

Invest in This Country
The Global Foreign Direct Investment Stage (FDI Stage) is a global convergence of various entities ranging from economic development board leaders to investment promotion agency executives, all of whom come to share with global investors the unique opportunities in their respective countries. The FDI Stage is tasked with identifying emerging trends and furthering the Forum’s mission of easing access to finance for projects that have high potential for delivering a good return on investment.

New opportunities for the FDI ecosystem
The financing of emerging high-growth-potential businesses through angel investment and investments from VCs and CVCs are at record levels, despite negative global FDI trends.

WBAF believes that, by combining regular contributions from the numerous dynamic players of early and post-early stage equity and capital markets around the world, we all benefit from shared learning, better networks and increased exposure.

We therefore invite all players of the FDI ecosystem to discover opportunities in equity and capital markets, the startup economy, and innovation ecosystems. We encourage corporations and individuals to make cross-border investments and co-investments that will leverage the capacity of FDI and angel investments globally.

World Congress of Angel Investors WBAF 2022
Global Foreign Direct Investment Stage (FDI Stage): Invest in This Country
Nirvana Cosmopolitan Convention Center, Antalya, Turkey
25 – 26 October 2022